Over many years, Thee Corn Stand has developed an incredible hard working team. We strive to provide our customers with a great experience and superior service. 



Derek Vos

President of Thee Corn Stand, was surrounded by Steve and Barb Vos' passion for local produce since a young age. Starting at the age of 3, he has been mentored in customer service, hard work, and fresh food. Having recently graduated with honours from Laurier's business program, and specializing in marketing, Derek strives to enhance 30 years of Vos tradition in Guelph, and reach out to surrounding areas including the Tri-Cities and GTA. He is building on Steve's relationships with local farmers who are invested in the welfare of the community and their customers. In his spare time, Derek enjoys the beach, football, and he dares you to eat more apples than him in a day.



The Pioneer: A man with burning passion for excellent farming and high quality produce. He began by running his own vegetable farm in Rockwood. Now he is an expert networker, searching out every farmer that supplies TCS today. Steve knows what it takes to get the freshest possible Ontario produce on your table. More often than not, you will find Steve at the BBQ, being the grill-master that he is. He also enjoys boating in Georgian Bay and being with his grandchildren.


Barb Vos

The face of Thee Corn Stand: "The veggie lady", "The fruit lady." Barb has taken many different titles over the years, for the customers who have followed her around Guelph. She sincerely cares for every customer that comes her way, and strives for the superior customer service. Just like most of our produce, Barb loves the sunshine. You will usually see her with her 6th child Dexter (a Yorkie), and is an avid healthy eater.


Jacob Vos

The young vision: Jacob carries the heart of TCS into the next generation. His extreme intuition and vision for the future enables TCS to have a presence in up and coming markets. Whether it be through social media, website design, or assisting management with strategy changes, Jacob is a huge support for the team. You'll rarely see Jacob without a big smile. He loves music, the beach and having a good time with family and friends. 


The journey began as Steve and Barb Vos grew 16 acres of Rockwood's best vegetables and brought them to the Guelph Farmer's Market. Hard work and excellence inspired the premium produce they grew.

In the year 1999 they sold their farm and began partnering with local farmers. This allowed them to continue serving the best fruits and veggies to the people of Guelph and the surrounding regions. Throughout the years and various locations, Thee Corn Stand has provided fresh daily produce. Since its birth, the company has always believed that produce tastes best the day it's picked. This is why Steve and other employees diligently wake up early every morning during the season, to go directly to each farm that supplies us. Our strong relationships with each farmer is paramount to fulfilling our vision. Being farmers in the past, we understand their struggles and the support that local farmers need to compete against foreign markets.